Take Away & Mini Mobile!

Take Away & Mini Mobile Service!

Both our Take Away and Mini Mobile options are great ways to get the pottery painting experience to you.  Check out these options below to see which one suits you!

Take Away

Our take away option is ideal for individuals and parties or groups of around 10 people or less who also want the flexibility of when you paint and to not be constrained by the one and half hours which is part of our typical service.  You may have been to a Crazy Glaze event and now you would like some matching items, it may be that you have a few friends that you want to invite over or you have a party arranged for just a few children...our Take Away could be just the ticket!

There is a small 'Booking and Hire' fee for the Take Away option, then simply pay for the items you choose.

Take Away Box includes:

Paints, brushes, sponges, palettes and pottery items

Booking and hire fee:

£7 kit (suitable for 1-2 people) or £14 kit (suitable for 4+ people) (only other cost is the price of the items you choose).  There is also a £20 deposit which you get back after the take away kit is returned.

What happens:
Call to let us know no later than a week before your collection date what pottery items you would like (subject to stock availability).  We will also arrange a convenient time for you to pick up the Take Away Box (please note that payment is required before or at the point of collection).

In 2/3 days bring back the painted masterpieces(!) which we will then glaze, fire, package up, ready to collect at your convenience.

'Mini-mobile' service

Mini-mobile option
There is an alternative 'mini-mobile' service that we do which includes one Crazy Glazer to come to your home to help and advise for up to one hour, bringing the paints, brushes, tools etc and your selected pottery (chosen beforehand). This option starts from £14 (Gloucester area) + cost of pottery.   Finished glazed items are delivered back to you at your one chosen address.

This option is ideal for those quick personal gifts without the hassle and worry of driving to a nearby town and finding and paying for a parking space!

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Some Crazy Comments

Amazing, personal service, The pottery painting kept a houseful of 5 year olds...QUIET!! Can't wait to see how they look like once returned from the kiln :-)