Be inspired!

Be inspired - pottery painting for all!

There are so many events and occasions that are ideally suited to booking a paint-it-yourself pottery session, some you may not have thought of before.  The simple fact is, it's suitable for anyone and everyone because it doesn't matter whether you're an 'artist' or not, a great time can be had and at the end of it you'll have that personal something for you to treasure for a long long time.

If you are part of a group or have at least one friend, then consider spending some quality time together painting and creating. What about these as reasons to have a Crazy Glaze visit (want to have a go on your own or just want an intimate gathering. There are alternative options available, such as the Take Away service for individuals and small groups):

Nursery or toddler groups

There's nothing quite as unique as a hand or footprint, and so Crazy Glaze can come and help you record your child's very own print on pottery of your choice for you to take away or give away as a memorable gift. These are great at any time of the year but especially:

  • Mother's Day gift
  • Father's Day gift
  • Christmas presents
  • Easter gifts

We also encourage the toddler's to express their own artistic talents just as long as they can hold a brush!


Stuck for something to do with the class that is a bit different yet fun?  Crazy Glaze offers a great opportunity for the children (and staff!) to express their creative side, whether collaboratively or individually.  Painting your own pottery can be a wonderful idea for school projects or perhaps if you wanted to produce a school leavers memento.  As we come to you, you needn't worry about arranging transport (including the cost!) and filling out risk assessment forms. Woo hoo!

Outside of the classroom we can bring fun to a school club or we can come and add to the variety of stalls and things to do at the school fete or fair. In return we would donate 10% of net profit made from any sales on the day (unless a charge per stall has been asked for already).

Support us

Please let us know if you would be happy for us to advertise through your book bags (we will supply leaflets).  If you support us in this way then we will donate 10% of net profit made from any booking (such as parties etc) which comes about as a direct result of this back to the school.

Scouts & Brownies

Book Crazy Glaze to help you earn your Creative Activity badge!  And if you've already got that one then why not use us for a special event instead?  The great thing is that we come to you so you don't have to worry about organising any additional stuff such as transport!

Fundraising event

Our first ever booking was for a fundraising event and it proved very popular, helping draw in a good number of people willing to donate to the cause!  Not only is Crazy Glaze an attraction for any event but we will also support by donating 10% of net profit made from any sales (unless a charge per stall has been asked for already).

Special occasions

Whether it's your 20th, 30th through to even your 90th, special birthdays are a great opportunity to mark it with something personal and lasting. Invite your friends to celebrate your birthday by sharing and spending time together in a way that you won't forget.

For those other occasions, perhaps an anniversary or the birth of a new baby, you may want to mark in an alternative way.  Find out more about our signature plates, a great way for you to remember those special times.

Friends & neighbours

Painting you own pottery is a great excuse for a social or to get to know people better.  Invite your friends and neighbours round for an evening or afternoon, there's hardly a better way to unwind and socialise.  It'll be the talking point of your neighbourhood for a long time!


Whether it's for a church weekend, an outreach event or for simply getting to know one another, Crazy Glaze's 'paint it yourself pottery' provides an excellent reason to gather together.  You'll have wonderful conversations whilst you're painting away and having fun.

Hen Parties

Chatting, creating and painting with a glass of wine in one hand and a paintbrush in the other - such a superb and enjoyable way for a bunch of friends to spend time together and to have at the end of it something that is very personal to take home as a reminder of the day you celebrated your friend's ensuing nuptials!

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Thank you Juliet and Darren - it was such a lovely evening and the pottery looks great!