Frequently asked questions

  • I don't live in Gloucester or Cheltenham, will you be able to come?
    Give us a call and find out! It depends on where you are (check out the map below) and what you'd like Crazy Glaze to cater for. For those living outside the Gloucester and cheltenham area there is small fee to cover both time and travel. This fee not only covers us attending the event but also the delivery of the pottery afterwards. Please give us a call to find out what your T&T cost would be.
  • I can't see any prices on your website, where are they?
    Please contact us using the mobile number or contact form and we'll gladly send you are current price list.
  • Are there any hidden costs?
    There are no hidden costs, the prices of the ceramic items is all you have to pay, except for the Take Away option and our Mini-Mobile service which includes a small booking and hire fee and possibly a small Time and Travel fee depending where you are (see 'I don't live in Gloucester or Cheltenham, will you be able to come?'question).
  • Are your paints safe for children?
    The paints we use are special non-toxic ceramic paints, so they're perfectly safe for babies and children, even if they enjoy getting messy and sticking their hands in their mouths!
  • I've got paint on my clothes, will it come out in the wash?
    Yes it does, so there's no need for aprons :).
  • How long do I have to wait for my pottery to be glazed and fired?
    You can expect to receive your pottery within 7-10 days after we take it away to be glazed and fired. We will always endeavour to get them back to you at the earliest possible date.
  • What age range do you consider appropriate for Crazy Glaze to cater for?
    It doesn't matter what age you are, Crazy Glaze has something for everyone, whether it's pottery for babies' hand/foot prints or more 'sophisticated' items for the more mature to truly express their artistic talents!
  • Do I need to supply anything for a Crazy Glaze event/party?
    Just water and a table! We will bring all that's needed, including a protective cover!
  • Can I put my pottery in the microwave?
    We wouldn't recommend it, neither would other paint-it-yourself-pottery businesses!
  • Can I wash my pottery in the dishwasher?
    You can put your pottery in the dishwasher, however you may want to put it on one of the cooler cycles if you want to extend it's lifespan!
  • My pottery isn't perfect - mmm, why's this?
    All our pottery is hand made and the glazing and firing process is done by hand also, as a result minor imperfections in the finished items may occur.

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Some Crazy Comments

Celebrated a friends 70th Birthday Party last evening with 10 others.  Juliet & Darren do an amazing Crazy Glaze Party.  With the help of all the things provided, even if you are not artistic you can come up with some really amazing ceramics.  It was such a fun evening, Thank you.